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Merge Player Data

Postby SEStrand on Wed Dec 07, 2005 11:36 am

I have UTStats and OLStats displaying via the web...I can merge players in UTStats. Is there some way to merge them in OLStats? I would like the two sets of stats to be consistent.

Here's how I think OLStats works (but I could be way off):
The OLStats data is parsed during the game and stored in OLStatsDB.uvx file, which is some sort of database and then displayed in html (which I assume is generated based on the data in the uvx file) after each match.

UTStats reads from the logs which are also produced by OLStats, generated from data in the uvx database.

I am not exactly sure how the player id is generated, I know is it done by the game, hopefully just player name and password in the Game dialog. (however, I get multiple entries for players when strange connection weirdness occurs during the game or folks switch computers. So something is a little fishy there.)

Theoretically, I should get one player-id per player regardless of machine they play on, and all thier stats would be matched to that player. If I merge two player-ids in UT stats, I get all that data tied to that player. Unfortunately, OLstats still has the both IDs in the OLStatsDB.uvx database.

More questions:
How does OLStats pick the player-id to use and send to UTstats via the log? If I merge players and I get the old id match, what does UTstats do when I get data for an old-id? does it automatically get tied to the "merged" id? can OLStats do an auto-merge of ids? (probably a better spot for that job since its closer to the action than UTStats)
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Postby Overload on Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:38 am

Unfortunately I believe the "id" that olstats uses is generated based on the stats username, password, and CD-Key - the CD Key is what is making the stat id change when you switch computers. OLStats simply uses the built in function to get a stats id hash, so it's a problem on Epic's end. I believe I saw some discussion about it on the UTStatsDB forums - I'm not sure what the conclusion was.

About merging: Unfortunately it's impossible to do within OLStats. I didn't include any "administrative" functions in OLStats in the current version, but I toyed with the idea of doing it in the future...

Also, I do not believe that UTStatsDB "remembers" merged players, so if you started using the "old" stats id, you would have to merge them again. That is perhaps a good suggestion for Panther to implement; You should post it in his forums.

Also, yes, your assumption about how OLStats (at least the HTML generating part) works is spot on. The uvx "database" is actually a built in method to store lots of variables when it's too much to fit in a simple .ini file. It was implemented to use for saving your game in a simgle player setting.
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