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Postby Lightfeather on Thu Nov 17, 2005 1:50 pm


Little pink bubble,
Floating in the Sky.
Little pink bubble,
Up so very high.

My little pink bubble,
That makes me smile so.
My little pink bubble,
Why did you have to go?


Over near the bushes
I see a little boy.
It seems his father gave him
A brand new shiny toy.

My little pink bubble,
See he aims at you!
Sweet little pink bubble,
I see his aim is true…

With a shrug I concede
And will have to blow another,
But I’ll remember what he did
So I can tell his mother.

-Lightfeather 2004



I wake up in the morning quite reluctantly,
Is it Saturday? Can I go back to sleep?
Peering at the clock I find the time has run from me!
I fear it is a workday… and I begin to weep.

Get up! Get up! My Munki yells,
The clock has struck all nine bells!
“Oh fuck no!” I holler back,
“I’m staying right here in the sack!”

If you don’t get up and moving
I'll be forced to start my grooving.
And I knowyou don’t want that
So get up you lazy brat!

Well he’s really got me there
I guess I’ll have to wash my hair
And put my clothes on bit by bit
OUCH! I think I pinched my tit…

God this getting up thing sucks
I’d pay someone five hundred bucks
To go to work as me today
(But still hand over all my pay)


Changing the Bird Cages

Feathers feathers everywhere,
Up my nose and in my hair.
Munki help me! Pretty please…
Here take these and these and these.

Run the water in the sink,
Get it hot! Don’t be a dink.
Dump the dishes in and then –
Get off the phone! Who was it? Ben?

Tell him that you’ll call him back,
I need you to pick up the slack.
Once we get this done you see,
We’ll play games just you and me.

You dump the mess I’ll get the hose,
Ick be careful of my toes!
I’ll squirt the trays – Eep! Oh Crap –
I’ll get a towel and be right back.

Didn’t mean to get you there,
Let me help you dry your hair.
All we have to do from here,
Is fill the trays with corncob ear.

Change the water and the food,
Oh my god! Don’t be so crude!
Zip your pants up Munki man,
What ARE you doing with your hand?

Oh we don’t have time for this,
Hello Munki meet my fist!
It’s ok put down your guard,
I wouldn’t hit you. (Very hard.)

There you see it’s almost done!
Now we can go have some fun!
You can decide what we will do,
For all the pain I’ve put you through.



Sitting in silence upon her throne
Wondering why she is all alone,
She looks your way, you're in her sight,
A magnanimous wave, her smile is tight.

What bothers her so? You think to yourself,
While placing the book back on the shelf.
You get to your feet after completing your task,
Walk up to her and begin to ask…

With a wave of her hand she sends you away,
You archive the thought for another day.
The place needs tending, that's why you're here.
You finish your work with ardent cheer.

Later that evening she calls for you.
Curious and a bit frightened too,
You cover your nightclothes, pick up the lamp,
Traverse down the hall, hands quite damp.

A knock at her door announces you're here,
She beckons you in, "Come closer my dear."
"I don't quite know how to begin",
She says shyly with a grin.

"I suppose I'll just have to be true…
For all these years I have loved you."

So that was the secret! What caused her to fret!
How silly of me to completely miss it!
The furtive glances, the dreamy sighs.
The sparkle that was in her eyes…

But how can one such as she,
Ever fall in love with me?

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