9 Engrish Haikus

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9 Engrish Haikus

Postby Lightfeather on Thu Nov 17, 2005 1:19 pm

9 Engrish Haikus

Notice fresh label
of my coffee - bold and sweet
Such coffee is best.

This toy is danger
Please to observe the sharp piece
Do not place in mouth.

Refreshing Can Dew
Drink burning strawberry drink
Then drink and you find.

Drink tall Can Dew now
Cool wash like kiss of princess
Mega time out time!

Much eyeball power
Sparkle of angel's warm breath
Buy this blue candy.

Crazy cluster nuts
make feeling of wealth come true
Eat with greed. Enjoy!

Beware your product
Don't use for the other use
Warranty will fail.

Lucky charm fin snack
The hi-tech taste of wet love
in dolphin-shaped grains.

Super Godzilla
Batteries not included
No atomic breath.

- Coldfyre
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