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Brandon's weekly rant

Postby PercyKittenz on Mon Jun 23, 2003 9:42 pm

If you were in Academy with me or have spent any good amount of time reading my LiveJournal, you'd know that I like to whip out with the m4d r4n71ng sk1llz. Since I won't be around to provide regular commentary on the Wednesday Webcast, I'll be contributing to the show in other ways, one of which, I've decided, is to phone in with a weekly rant or monologue about my opinion on a particular subject of the week's gaming news.

Sometimes I might have an idea that inspires me, but more than likely, I'll want to know what you guys think is worth talking about. Post your ideas of what current event in gaming, tech, the web, or even general current events you'd like to hear me go off about.

An archive of my rant will be kept on my LiveJournal as well as on the Apartment167 articles page in case you miss the live version.
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