Game Concepts and the Congregation of Ideas

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Game Concepts and the Congregation of Ideas

Postby ThePumaman on Tue Apr 20, 2004 10:34 pm

So I've been tossing game ideas around in my head and there's a few I'd like to put down on paper (or electrons) and put it out in an open forum.

My newest idea is for a World War II RTS-type game. It takes concepts from Risk as all of Europe and North Africa are segregated into territories. The game gives you the option of playing in the major campaigns in Western and Eastern Europe and North Africa. You can play the major factions of the war, Britian, America, France, Italy, Germany, and Russia. You start at the very beginning of the war, before the Allies and the Axis were created. As the game progresses, war breaks out, and players are able to form alliances.
The Macro-strategic portion will be playable as a super-zoomed out view of the campaign map with your forces in a strategic view. You can plot attack paths for your allies, see where the enemy is advancing and try and thwart his attacks.
Zooming in will give you a closer look at the action, where you decide to recruit troops, build weapons and vehicles, and build defenses in an easily navagable interface.
Zooming into the closest, Micro-strategic level will give you a detailed view of battles as they happen, in a Rise of Nations style. You can let the Generals auto manage troop placement, deployment, and formations or do it yourself. In this view you can tell troops to group into formations and create battle fronts. You can also position your men to use the terrain and optimize coverage with armor and artillery.

The battles, planning, ordering & building units take place in real-time, but the units move slow enough to accomadate strategic planning. Players can also be on the same force, so that one person can manage the macro, strategic management, while the other focuses on the micro, troop deployment management.

Units can only be built in cities, and cities themselves cannot be built. The game is focuses on a sort of capture-the-points gameplay like in Battlefield. To keep one side from snowballing into victory, players must maintain adaquate supply lines, which are very vunerable to enemy attack. If a supply line is disrupted, the connected city or force deteriorates. The terrain could provide advantages and disadvantages to supply lines, creating the need for strategic attacks and fronts.

So what do you guys think?
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