My car is the biggest piece of shit ever.

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My car is the biggest piece of shit ever.

Postby ThePumaman on Sun Mar 07, 2004 6:36 pm

So almost everyone knows about my troubles with the front bumper, and those who have driving with me at night know that my right headlight doesn't work. So far, I have been able to live with these small defects. But now my car has taken the offensive and made my new front right speaker not work. Now that just pisses me off. Not only is it going to throw off my sense of hearing but it takes me away from that special place I get to when I turn my music up real loud and drive fast.

But I suppose I can deal with that too.

What I can't deal with is my car not starting at all, which it has also begun to do, just to spite me. I think the battery is going dead, or something, so I will have to take it in to get it checked out. Granted, I have a job, and theoretically I should have money, but anyone who actually has a job can tell you that this isn't true. So, I'll charge it to my card and forget about it until the bill comes.

In short, I need money. Or something.
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