Far Cry. Wow.

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Far Cry. Wow.

Postby Overload on Sat Mar 06, 2004 11:30 pm

If you haven't played the Far Cry demo yet, go do so.

First of all, best AI opponents ever. They saw me in the jungle, and they didn't just run at me to kill me. No, they spread out, using rocks as cover, then one guy shouted out "flank left!" "flank right!" "left flank move in!" and the guys did it. They actually surrounded me and attacked from both sides at once. Sweet. Also, sometimes a guy will say "keep him busy, I'll get backup!" and he actually gets backup. As in, he runs away, finds some guys I haven't killed yet, and brings them there.

You can throw rocks. That's the coolest part. You get to throw rocks which makes the guys go run over to see what's going on, then you can sneak up on them and blast them. It does put them in a heighted alert state, so they're more likely to hear you, just as you'd expect.

Plus it's beautiful. Probably the best realistic dead body physics I've seen. (Okay, Max Payne still wins for best dynamic deaths overall, but these are the best realistic deaths.)

I mean, wow. Go play it. It's so cool. The binoculars are awesome. You can even hear the guys talking from really far away.
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