Consequences vs. Victory

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Consequences vs. Victory

Postby Nilliac on Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:25 am

Arora is acting out of anger, and partially also out of guilt for not being more proactive in her protesting the decision to jump 9 foes who nearly killed them all. She wants Aurum to take responsibility for his decision to put the group into harms way unnecessarily, and wants him to recognize that his headstrong steadfastness, while useful in many situations, must be tempered like steel and not allowed to run amok due to arrogance. Arora wants Aurum to see that while they managed to survive, and though Melek will be returned to life, there will be consequences for the rash decisions, one of which is obviously time, which may be running out for them all. Her stance is that they have wasted all their energy and power on these people when greater dangers lie ahead. They have yet to even find the South Gate, and already they are down one man. Arora is furious at Aurum's minimizing of Melek's death because he can be "brought back" for she knows the horror awaiting those who have made their souls the property of demons. Arora feels they survived only because they blew everything they had and the enemy forces had gotten unlucky, not because of destiny, fate, fortune or skill, and they cannot keep up nor count on such circumstances each time. Her mind is still reeling from the critical blow she suffered from the genasi, it rings in her head even as Aurum makes his claims of success as Melek lies dead slung over a horse. Is this victory? If it is, Arora isn't sure they can take much more of Aurum's kind of victory and have any hope of surviving.
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Re: Consequences vs. Victory

Postby GoldenHudge on Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:52 am

We should definitely talk about peoples positions, but next week we are going to have to role play it out so people can hear what the beef is. Ill write down what Aurums feelings are after the fight and then you can start a dialogue that we can use as a template for role playing next week.

Aurum looks at his decision to fight these guys as fulfillment of his own words and intentions for this place. Aurum made claims about tearing this place apart and he is going forward with this plan. Tactically Aurum saw the chance to ambush these guys as a great opportunity to take them out and felt that there wasnt much else to be done to improve their chances. Aurum is angry that Melek died. He did not think that that would happen. He knows that Melek can be raised from the dead and would be pretty brutally affected if that wasnt possible. That is is possible causes him to immediately focuses on continuing their mission. His mindset currently is figuring out what more can be done, because he recognizes that they threw the kitchen sink at this fight. More dangerous foes are surely in his future and he fully expects victory, yet must contemplate how to best to bring this about.
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