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Postby Nilliac on Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:28 am

Alright guys, since there's no DnD for our heroes this week here's some role play to tide you over. I hope you feel inspired to write your own!

For the first time in weeks, Arora was unable to sleep. Restless and exhausted, she made a long, deliberate walk down the stretch of wall protecting Hommlet's flank, where the blackened, burned stones were still warm to the touch. She frowned, drawing the hood of her cloak closer around her. The wind was picking up, the smell of smoke still faint in the air. Something about it made her think of Daeomin, the sound of the leaves hissing and the sudden chill, it was oddly indicative of the elf in that moment, and Arora managed a small smile. He was never far from her thoughts, since his mysterious affliction had taken hold. Despite his unbearably headstrong and capricious nature, she had grown to depend on him, and even to appreciate the often infuriating counterweight he offered her sometimes narrow-sighted vision. She knelt at the entrance where the fiendish mage had torn through, tracing strange circles in the dirt with an un-gloved hand. She peered at her hand in the moonlight for a moment, her hands were small, much smaller than most Dwarves she knew, her fingers slightly thinner and elongated, creating curling wisps of coils and runes that made the earth shimmer beneath her. It was a crude version of a prayer circle, designed to gain greater communion with the gods. Arora only really had one God in mind however, and she felt a quiet stirring in her heart as the circle was completed, a golden glow emitting softly from the gently carved earth. "Please, protect them from this encroaching darkness, help me to preserve this world as best I can." She murmured, her vision melding into a bleary white haze, as a soft sound familiar as her own heartbeat carved itself through her spirit. Harmony sweet and strange, shimmering strings of melody wound around her in ribbons of light, the very same she felt stir within her whenever she called on whatever part of Erathis that had touched her long ago.

Arora closed her eyes, breathing deeply. Whatever the dark god had planned would not succeed, Arora was confident of that fact... though she was well aware of the sacrifices it might take to achieve such an ambitious goal. 'Sacrifices like Daeomin, it would seem', she thought sadly. The shimmering light pulsed weakly and began to fade as Arora felt her concentration wane. She was beyond fatigued, the night's trials were finally catching up to her. She struggled to her feet, glad she had left her armor back in the Inn, despite her feeling quite naked without it. Civilian clothing hardly suited her, she knew. As Arora made her way back to the gates, she paused, listening. She thought she heard the distant sound of a hippogryph calling in the night, but she couldn't be sure. 'Take all the time you need, Daeomin,' she brushed some of the dirt off her cloak into the breeze as she entered Hommlet, 'we'll be here when you are ready to join us once more.' Tomorrow they would head to the ruined temple, what they would find there she could not guess - but she was sure of one thing, whatever they found better be ready, because Arora was in no mood for diplomacy anymore.
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