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Postby Nilliac on Wed Jun 03, 2009 10:19 am

Arora took considerable time to cleanse and purify her weaponry and armor. The last few battles had left her little time to wipe away the multiple layers of foul blood from her hammer and shield. The gleaming symbol of Erathis had blood in every groove and crevasse. Arora frowned, sacrificing some of her drinking water to the cause. When it was finished she put the hammer aside, seemingly satisfied. She looked at the now mostly-headless body of the monster and its terrible pets. Filthy things, she thought bitterly, no cultured being would ever keep such creatures as companions. She shuddered inwardly at the vileness of it all, of the perversion of this once proud Dwarven establishment. It must have made a beautiful mine in its day, shimmering veins of silver and mithril, the smell of earth and stone everywhere. Now there was only the putrid stink of death and corruption. The dwarf ground her boot into the ground, stomping out some imaginary insect. She couldn't wait to get out of there. Despite her reluctance in leaving a favored position they had already worked so hard for, she saw no wisdom in continuing onward, even if it meant losing ground. Wisdom demanded they return to the surface, to the towns and people who could shed some light on the mysterious of the purpose of the spire, perhaps even more information on the Doomdreamers. Truly, this was what excited Arora the most. Despite the obvious fear and intrigue they seemed to inspire in those below them, it was clear these "doomdreamers" were at least partially the key to the vile cult's undoing. They were said to know all things, at least inside one's mind... Arora paused at the thought, the faintest of shadows crossing over her features in a flash. A thought that had not roused itself in many weeks and then it was gone. Muddled and smashed mightily into the recesses of her mind, pain and grief, longing and anger whirling into a mere speck of a place, deep behind the cool placid blue pools of her eyes.
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