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Boardgame Night Announcement List

Postby Overload on Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:26 pm

We do a Boardgame Night (BGN) every week on Tuesday. We have a small group of core players, and are always open to people inviting their friends/family/coworkers/whatever to join us, as we have typically been a couple players short of the maximum allowed.

Each week, I will post a thread here to open discussion about what game people would like to play, as well as take signups. Most boardgames only support up to 4 or 5 people. If we get more than that, we can split in to two groups and play two different games.

Of course, being on the list in no way obligates you to ever come to a BGN. Maybe you're just a weird stalker that like to know what we're playing.

Enough rambling. What's the point of this post? The email list. Most people won't want to have to check this forum every day to look for the signup thread, and now you don't have to. Every time I post a signup thread, I will send an email out to everyone on this list with a link to the thread. How much easier could it get?

I am the only person who has access to the emails on this list, so feel free to use your work email or whatever you check most often; you won't receive any spam.

The signup is here:

Note: this email might get filtered as spam, so be sure to add "" to your safe senders list. To do this in Outlook, simply sign up on the form above. Wait for the email to come in (to your Junk Mail folder) and then right click on the email and go to "Mark as Not Junk" and then be sure the checkbox is ticked to add the sender to your safe list.

Oh yeah, you will also need to sign up with a forum account to actually reply to the signup threads.
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