Fragster LAN Party "Desert Combat-O-Thon"

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Fragster LAN Party "Desert Combat-O-Thon"

Postby Dien_Time on Thu Feb 19, 2004 12:29 am

Greetings Fellow Fragsters,

>> Lets do a LAN party March 20th, 2004 starting at 12:00pm till 0-Bright hundred or until you collapse from frag exhaustion.

*It’s going be a “Spaghetti Feast”. I’ll be making my famous bachelor style spaghetti. With all the good stuff, just quadrupled in size. Of course there’ll be plenty of HiGhLy caffinated drinks and munchies to boot. It’s usual $10 cover charge, but the Fraggings are free!

*Competition BF1942, Desert Combat. It will be an organized match between the Coalition and Opposition. Humm, do we give out awards for, Ironman, Sharpshooter, Sportsmanship and FRAGMASTER?

*Call of Duty, We played it at Wabbid Wabbits last LAN party and it was FUN!

*How about UT2003 “Last Man Standing match” again? (optional)

*If you'd like to recommend a game - be sure and post in the Fragster forums.

Did I miss anything? Oh Yes…
Screaming and yelling at Fragster LAN parties is always encouraged as long as you don't forget to flush when you're done. ;o)
…And prepare to have FUN!

There are two easy ways,
#1 email me my terry@my with something like; Yo Fragster Boy, PUT ME ON THE LIST!!! or
#2 Go to >> ... topic&t=19 and post on the forums for everyone to see that YOU! Are attending a Fragster LAN Party!

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite DC Maps

More to follow…

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