Apartment 167 Pitboss Conduct Rules

Apartment 167 Pitboss Conduct Rules

Postby Overload on Sun Nov 04, 2007 1:04 am

The following are a set of "conduct" rules that everybody must follow when playing in an Apartment 167 Pitboss game. The point of these rules is to help define what the "spirit of the game" is supposed to be.

Double turns
Definitely the most heavily discussed issue with Pitboss. Because Pitboss is played "simultaneously," It is possible to take a 'double turn' by being the last to finish for one turn and then the first to finish the one after that. This has a positive effect because it speeds the game up, but the downside is that it can be exploited for military advantage by moving twice before your opponent has a chance to react.

The rule on this is simple: During war time (or if you are about to go to war with a sneak attack or something similar) you must not take your turn until your opponent has had a chance to react to your previous turn. You can use Civstats to check to see if your opponent has played his turn yet. For these purposes, "taking a turn" means simply logging in to the game.

Exception: Once 12 hours on the game clock has passed since the last time you logged out, you may take your next turn, regardless of whether or not your opponent has taken his.

Gifting of cities
No city trading/gifting is allowed while you are at war, unless the trade is to the player you are at war with (usually as part of a peace agreement). This is to prevent the following scenario: player A marches forces up to player B's city, player B then gives the city to player C (possibly in exchange for gold) to prevent player A (who is not at war with player C) from capturing it. It also prevents a player from "giving up" by gifting all of his cities to another player in the game, simply to prevent his attacker from getting the cities, which would be very much against the spirit of the game.

Missing turns
Any player who has missed more than three turns in a row without notice will be kicked from the game and a replacement will be found. If you are going to be away such that you cannot take your turns, you must post about it in the game's thread or email me directly informing me. You should of course be sure to queue up production and research so that your empire will continue to be productive during your absence.

No war before 3500 BC
No declarations of war are allowed until on or after 3500 BC. Let's let everyone get a few turns of play in before getting eliminated. It is of course okay to build an army and place it outside of someone's borders. Just be sure you don't set foot inside until 3500 BC.

In closing
In a game as complex as Civ there are undoubtedly going to be grey areas which will need to be addressed, so where the letter of the law is unclear, try to play by its spirit, and if you think another player has broken a rule wait to hear their side of the story before you start throwing accusations around, in case it's simply a misunderstanding. Where there is any dispute, I am the final word on such matters... ideally we would have a non-player observing the game to act as a referee, but this is not football, so you're simply going to have to rely on my objectivity as a host which I keep separate from my aspirations as a player.

Please remember that this is a game. The reason everyone is playing is to have fun, and if you're lucky to get a nice ego boost from outplaying several of your peers in a months-long strategy game.

I'm happy to enter into discussion concerning clarifications of the rules and requests for changes.
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