Can't use distribution option

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Can't use distribution option

Postby Pulsahr on Wed Feb 09, 2005 7:45 am

Hello everyone!

Hope my english won't be bad, i'm french and i'll do my best to write correctly.

First, congrats to the teams that released that great mod, i played many hours on the UT99 CTF4 mod, and was sad not to see it on other versions.

But i have a little problem. Not something that make game crash, or stuff like that, just a option unavailable.

When i check 'distribution' option in game rules, the game doesn't use this option, the game runs like i didn't check it. And if i go back to game settings after leaving the current game, the option is unchecked. I tried many way, but never successed to activate this option during a game.

Is this a bug? Or maybe should I install a recent patch? (i have the 3323 version).

Maybe a suggestion :

I remember an option available in ut99 version, but i d'ont remember the name. This option changes the way to score.
For example, if you carry a yellow flag back to your blue base, the yellow team get a point, not you. The first team who has the max points reached (goal score) is eliminated (like last man standing). It was a tactical challenge thas i love pretty much.

Is 'distribution' option this option? (can't check it out, it doesn't work on my ut). If not, will this option be released?

And one more thing, thanks again for this great great mod.
Bye !

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