I thought up some good ideas for you guys for DOM4

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I thought up some good ideas for you guys for DOM4

Postby Darkness on Wed Aug 08, 2007 4:03 pm

I have 2 great ideas for Double Domination with 4 teams. Hopefully my ideas are good enough for the gametype to be created :) Here they are:

#1. This is just Double Domination but with 2 more teams and 2 more Control Points called C and D. You only need to control 2 of them for 10 seconds to score a point. When setting up the game, you can choose between Free-For-All (you just need to control 2 out of 4 Control Points), or Linked (you need to control either A + B, or C + D). When resetting Control Points, only the 2 that were controlled by the team that scored the point will be reset.

#2. This is more advanced and is actually a different gametype on its own. The maps for this version will be 2x the same Double Domination map next to each other, with some connections to each other. Team Red and Blue will start and respawn on the map with A and B, while Green and Gold will start and respawn on the other map with C and D.
As Blue or Red, you can only capture A and B, and as Green and Gold, you can only capture C and D. When you capture a Control Point you can't capture, it will revert to blank instead.
Same applies with the resetting as in #1

With #2, you might think like "What's that?". Well, it's simple. While you're competing with only 1 team, you must stay ahead of the other 2 teams as well because only 1 team can be the winner! This means that you must players to the other side to meddle with their Control Points, while holding enough players to compete with the team you're competing with!
What could be added is a teleporter in the middle of the map, that sends you to the middle of the other map. This way, you don't only have to use the connected side. Maybe even some teleporters at the not-connecting side of the map, that sends you to the non-connecting side of the other map.

P.s. with "other map", I always mean the same map, but then the side of the other 2 teams.
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