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OLStats not sending logs?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:29 pm
by [iX]AnnaBeaver's my problem...I'm thinking it's a pretty common one..but we'll see.

Obviously my game server and webserver are two seperate entities. I'm running OLStats on my game server and UTStatsDB on the webserver. I have got the UTStatsDB installed and of course the database that it runs on and it seems to be working fine. My problem is that for some odd reason the stat logs are not being sent to the webserver and I have no idea why. I can download the stat logs manually from the game server...and upload them to the stats webserver...and parse the logs from the UTStatsDB admin page with no probs. But I don't want to have to do that on a daily basis.

And it seems that when I try to set the log ftp info for the game server via the UTStatsDB "Logs Config" page it always checks for the log files on my webserver, regardless of what ftp or path info I put in there. I'd really like this to if anyone has any info..I would appreciate it very much. I'm sure I've probably left out relevant info..and if so..just let me know what it is..and I'll post it. Thanks

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 12:54 am
by Overload
What method are you using to get the logs to your webserver? There are two things you can do:
    Set up OLStats to send the logs to your webserver at the end of every match.
    Set up an FTP server on your game server and have UTStatsDB pull the logs from your game server via FTP .

It sounds like you're trying to do the second one. If that's not working, then you should ask for help on the UTStatsDB support forums, as that would be a problem with UTStatsDB, not OLStats.

If you're actually trying to use the first method, the only suggestion I can give is to be sure that you are using the OLSendLog.php version that comes with UTStatsDB, not the version that comes with OLStats.

More info: Way back when I released the latest version of OLStats, it had that php file which worked at the time, but since then Panther has significantly changed UTStatsDB and he includes an updated OLSendLog.php (which is awesome of him!) that works with UTStatsDB 3.0. The only problem is the OLStats readme doesn't say anything about this because it didn't exist at the time of release. Hopefully that's the only problem you're having!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2007 1:40 pm
by [iX]AnnaBeaver
Well, I've been manually downloading the logs from the game server and uploading them to the stats server. When I check my ucc log, OLStats gives me this message...

OLStats: ----------------------------------------
OLStats: OLStats Remote Parser Operation Complete
OLStats: ERROR: Server responded: 404 Not Found
OLStats: ----------------------------------------

Now...I'm guessing that the second line of the log message is refering to the "Upload" command line in the OLStats.ini file, correct? Now, does the OLSendLog.php file need to be in the main utstatsdb folder along with the logs.php file or does it need to be placed in the actual folder where I'm wanting my logs to be sent?

Also, do I need to edit the CHMOD permissions for any of the folders? Also, what password do I place in the OLStats.ini for uploading? Is it the utstatsdb admin password...the one that I use to login to the utstatsdb admin page?

This is what the OLStats readme doc. says....

"You need to set UploadPass to the ADMIN password of your UTStatsDB
installation. (AdminPass in"

And below are all the line entries in the I don't see an "AdminPass" line anywhere in those listed...which is a bit confusing.


I mean...OLStats and UTStatsDB both seem to be doing what they are supposed to be doing...other than the fact that they are not communicating with each other in order to send the log files to the webserver :?

I'm just really not knowing why they aren't talking :cry: BTW...thanks for getting back to me on this :D I appreciate it very much!!