Newbies (kinda) needs some real simple advice....

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Newbies (kinda) needs some real simple advice....

Postby Guest on Thu Feb 01, 2007 8:12 am

I used to play UT2004 quite a lot a few years back, just private games with my friends and we used OLStats to keep track of everything. All very nice :D

Fast forward to now. We've (my friends and I) decided to go back to UT2004. I've long deleted the program so will be reinstalling and setting everything up in a week or two. We can't wait. However, it won't be the same without comparing stats ;)

And to be brutally honest, I can't recall what I'm doing! So if someone could take a minute or two to answer my questions and point out how dumb I'm being I'd appreciate it.

I have OLStats 3.01. I want to show stats like I used to, as you can see on this page:

So firstly, does OLStats 3.01 create these HTML pages now, or do I have to install UTStatsDB, and the SQL and PHP stuff? That's probably a daft question but I get the impression that 3.01 does everything itself - and I can't test on UT2004 until I get my computer....

Actually that's my main question! Though while I'm here, I may as well ask if I still need to add everything as a ServerPackage in the games ini file.

Thanks guys!

Postby Guest on Thu Feb 01, 2007 8:16 am

And as ever, after reading for HOURS before giving up and posting for help, the very next page I read answers my question :lol:

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