Upload Issue: Return Code 0?!

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Upload Issue: Return Code 0?!

Postby NStyle on Fri Feb 17, 2006 4:53 am

Hi there,

So I've finally got UTStatsDB and OLStats up and running with UT2k4.
Everything works fine for me except the uploader..When it tries to run,
I get this log message:

OLStats: ----------------------------------------
OLStats: OLStats Stat Uploader Operation Complete
OLStats: Return code: 0
OLStats: ERROR: Unknown error.
OLStats: Check to make sure you have the correct
OLStats: URL specified in OLStats.ini
OLStats: Also try manually entering the URL in a browser
OLStats: and check for errors.
OLStats: ----------------------------------------

I went over the script and there is only one condition that causes a 0
to be returned and it doesn't seem to be where the 0 is coming from...I
manually added all the bits it retrieves from the POST and ran it
manually and it ran fine..I totally can't work this bad boy out!! Do you
have any clues?? I'm using the OLSendLog that came with UTStatsDB
3.0RC2. I did play around with the older one as well and that one told
me it had completed and I couldn't find anything at all.

Bit of background if you need:

UT Server = Windows XP Machine
Webserver = Apache2.2 with PHP5 and MySQL4 on a Linux machine.

Any help would be most appreciated :)
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