OLStats For the CarBall mod

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OLStats For the CarBall mod

Postby Knuckles on Tue Aug 30, 2005 4:09 pm

I was wondering if you could have OLStats work with CarBall http://www.carball.net because when my server changes to this game type i get 500 lines of this per map in my server log.

Code: Select all
OLStatsAccuracyCounter CB-Zig.OLStatsAccuracyCounter (Function OLStats.OLStatsAccuracyCounter.DamageDealt:002F) Accessed array 'WeaponAccuracyArray' out of bounds (0/0)
OLStatsAccuracyCounter CB-Zig.OLStatsAccuracyCounter (Function OLStats.OLStatsAccuracyCounter.DamageDealt:00C6) Accessed array 'WeaponAccuracyArray' out of bounds (0/0)

Hopefully this is just something simple to fix ?

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