Stats by Nickname instead by unique player ID ?

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Stats by Nickname instead by unique player ID ?

Postby NinjaCross on Thu Mar 31, 2005 5:35 pm

I've got two questions about this amazing mut.
1- Is it possible to collect stats using the nicknames as "unique identifiers" instead of the "unique player IDs"?
This is because during our LAN parties, me and my friends sometimes play sharing the same machines in differents "turns", and changing everytime our nicks.
I was pretty stunned when i discovered that the nicks were ignored and the games stats have been mixed together :(
2- Is it possible to edit the content of the "OLStatsDB.uvx" ? Is it in a standard format (SqlServer, MySql, mdb....), or is it a closed format ? I would like to build a .NET datapump system, and i don't know how to read it...

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