Parser returned unknown data (no upload)

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Parser returned unknown data (no upload)

Postby ragna on Tue Feb 22, 2005 4:49 am


I have been trying to get OLStats to upload my logs automatically. Till now without succes. I followed the readme file a couple of times...

When I ftp the logs manually to utstatsdb (remote host) and run logs.php it works flawless. Somehow I cannot get to the logs on the gameserver (at home).

I must be missing some setting here to point to the gameserver.

Processing directory './UserLogs/' for 'Stats_*':
Processing log 'Stats_7777_2005_02_19_14_09_05.log'...incomplete (in session?).
Processing log 'Stats_7777_2005_02_19_14_59_42.log'...incomplete (in session?).
0 of 2 logs processed - No new logs added.

When I ftp new logs, then they are getting processed.

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