Not working...????

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Not working...????

Postby gammo on Thu Dec 16, 2004 4:10 am


I'm having great trouble in getting this run properly on our server in AUS....

The stats page works and opens up, meaning i installed it correctly, but i can not figure out why there is NO stats been updated to it, log files are beign made on the server, and they are beign uploaded or parsed to the OLStats.. but nothing is coming up on the display pages.....

can anyone help me out here please... being trying to run it for weeks now.. lol

ps... and yes I'm a TOTAL n00b when it comes to anything of this nature, it's a miracle i got it to run at all....

Postby Overload on Thu Dec 16, 2004 12:35 pm

Could you link me to your stats page?

Also, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that the logs are getting uploaded to your server. As in, you can FTP in and you see the log files there?

The next thing to try would be to manually run the logs.php file by accessing it in your browser. See what it says when you do that.
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Postby Guest on Fri Dec 17, 2004 3:46 am

Stats page here:

If I open up my Web host, and goto the SQL DB I made for the Stats, this is what I find in there:

gammo_OLStats (22)

Each one of those is likable and it takes me to this:

Field Type Attributes Null Default Extra Action
gm_num int(10) UNSIGNED No auto_increment
gm_server smallint(5) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_serverversion varchar(10) No
gm_map mediumint(8) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_type tinyint(3) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_start datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00
gm_logger tinyint(3) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_logname varchar(45) No
gm_rpg tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_maxwave smallint(5) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_difficulty tinyint(4) No 0
gm_mutators varchar(120) Yes NULL
gm_mapvoting tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_kickvoting tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_fraglimit smallint(5) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_timelimit smallint(5) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_minplayers tinyint(3) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_translocator tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_endtimedelay float UNSIGNED No 0
gm_balanceteams smallint(1) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_playersbalanceteams smallint(1) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_friendlyfirescale varchar(10) No
gm_linksetup varchar(26) No
gm_gamespeed float UNSIGNED No 0
gm_healthforkills tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_allowsuperweapons tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 1
gm_camperalarm tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_allowpickups tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 1
gm_allowadrenaline tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 1
gm_fullammo tinyint(1) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_starttime bigint(19) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_length bigint(19) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_numplayers smallint(5) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_kills smallint(5) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_deaths smallint(5) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_suicides smallint(5) UNSIGNED No 0
gm_t0score smallint(6) No 0
gm_t1score smallint(6) No 0
gm_firstblood smallint(6) No -1
gm_headshots smallint(5) UNSIGNED No 0
Check All / Uncheck All With selected:


I have NO IDEA what any of that means.


Postby gammo on Fri Dec 17, 2004 4:38 am

I'm using this version:

Version 3.01
August 29, 2004

And reading your text file, I gather there is nothing else to d/l but what is included in the .zip file.

Also, I do not want to run HTML stats, i only want it to log/parse stats to the DB.

Postby gammo on Fri Dec 17, 2004 4:49 am

I just want it to run like you have here:


Also I got a bit of a dilema in trying to understand were it is that I have to put a password for the Servquery extension, I'm trying to use it in OLStast v3.01
to protect player hash Id's....
sPassword= <The secret string to get the player hashes, should be included in the query: \playerhashes_YOURPASSWORD>

So in the ini i sould put: sPassword= \playerhashes_YOURPASSWORD
or just the paswsrod on it's own, then find the correlating entry in the php file and put the same passwrod in there?

But what file do I need to update with the passwrod as welll?

Soz, dumb question, but i ani't got a clue.....

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Postby gammo on Fri Dec 17, 2004 9:31 am

Accessing Logs.php gives the following error:

Access error.


Looks like the paths are incorret?

Also i ge this when i try to create tables:

Creating database tables:
Reading 'matches'....Failed!
Reading 'players'....Failed!
Reading 'maps'....Failed!
Reading 'weapons'....Failed!
Reading 'servers'....Failed!
Reading 'totals'....Failed!
Error loading table data: INSERT INTO ut_totals (tl_totals) VALUES('Totals')
Reading 'gplayers'....Failed!
Reading 'gkills'....Failed!
Reading 'gscores'....Failed!
Reading 'tkills'....Failed!
Reading 'gevents'....Failed!
Reading 'pwkills'....Failed!
Reading 'type'....Failed!
Reading 'items'....Failed!
Reading 'pitems'....Failed!
Reading 'gitems'....Failed!
Reading 'gchat'....Failed!
Reading 'objectives'....Failed!
Reading 'mwkills'....Failed!
Reading 'gwaccuracy'....Failed!
Reading 'gbots'....Failed!
Reading 'aliases'....Failed!

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Postby Overload on Fri Dec 17, 2004 2:34 pm

I believe you're getting those errors when you try to create tables because the tables already exist.

It looks like your problems are more related to configuing UTStatsDB, so I suggest posting about this at the UTStatsDB forums. Here's the URL:

I also post there, so if you still have OLStats errors after getting UTStatsDB running, I'll be happy to help. :)
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Postby gammo on Fri Dec 24, 2004 5:49 pm

I have been posting there for like waht seems for ever now, and have not received ANY help, that works........

I know its the holiday season adn all, but I really want to get this working...

any suggestions would be much appreciated...



SourceForge threath is here: ... _id=222935

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Postby Mephisto on Sun Dec 26, 2004 7:28 pm

Ok, accroding to your you have the follwoing

$logpath1 = "/hsphere/local/home/gammo/utstats_files/logs";

try use

$logpath1 = "./hsphere/local/home/gammo/utstats_files/logs";

See the "dot" ..

Hope this helps

Im back

Postby gammoo on Tue Mar 22, 2005 3:58 am

Still have not got this working

I get this error:

OLStatsSendLogTarget 2 Buffer Buffer Buffer


Postby Guest on Tue Mar 22, 2005 1:15 pm

I got it owrking. ut I odnt know if its loogging as OLstats or normal UTstastDB

nor do i care.


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