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serverquery question

Postby [SuF]Big_Vern on Tue Oct 05, 2004 11:31 am


the OLStats readme states the following:

"If you would like to be able to get the unique stat identifiers of the players in your server through a server query (which would allow the front page of UTStatsDB to directly link to each player's career page) then you'll need to configure it as follows [...]"

I wonder how to achieve this, the link to the player's career page I mean. The UTStatsDB front page displays the server information and the players that are currently connected but there are no links to the career pages. Any help would be appreciated.


Postby Overload on Tue Oct 05, 2004 12:14 pm

Unfortunately UTStatsDB does not support this feature yet.

The version on my page is a version that I modified.

I might zip up my version and offer it to download if the demand is high enough.
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Postby [SuF]Big_Vern on Tue Oct 05, 2004 1:04 pm

Thank's for the quick reply! Obviously I am interested but then again that's only me ;)

Postby Rip on Thu Oct 21, 2004 5:01 am


I m interested too :)

I have a question: i followed all steps in readme installation process. All seems to be good but there is no nothing more on my stats.
olstats doesnt upload log and doesnt run the parser :/

How do you get team score, timeleft etc in your sevquery?

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