A few ideas...

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A few ideas...

Postby missilemaster on Fri Nov 26, 2004 10:59 pm

Here is a quote from my review of this mod on L4Y.com:

[a way of getting rid of "lazy slaves" would be to] Allow there to be "slave-slaves", or double-slaves. That is, if your master does die despite your efforts, you are now a double slave-a slave to your master, who is a slave to his master. Double-slaves only get half the normal favor for collecting items and cannot tag masters. If you collect anything, half the favor goes to your master, so he could be freed more quickly. By adding this, being "liberated" is impossible, since if your master's master dies, you still have a master, and if he dies, you are a double slave again. You could also try other ways of getting favor, like hanging around your master and taking hits for him.

It might also be fun to be able to give slaves orders, like "go get me a shock rifle", or "go tag Axon", etc. The first slave to complete the
mission gets twice the normal favor for doing it.

You could also add slave revolts. If a player presses the use button, this indicates that he wants to revolt. The master will be warned if this happens. If all of someone's slaves do this, they all get a few weak weapons and go on the assault. But, in a revolt the master is immediately fully loaded. If killed, they are a slave again, but if they manage to kill their master, they and all his slaves are freed, and the master becomes the slave of the one who killed him. Bots could be told to do this if they are enslaved to a master who has at least (enter an appropriate number here) slaves. If the revolt fails, though, no revolts can happen under their master for some period of time. So, revolts should be done sudennly and only if there are enough slaves to take down the master. (Revolting slaves can only be hurt by their master.)
(end qoute)

Any of those sound good? :D

Postby Overload on Mon Nov 29, 2004 12:48 pm

I do like your suggestions.

They would make interesting options, particuarly the "slave-slaves" idea, although I would really need to implement a "round" system to make it work well. Right now the rounds are too short as it is.

The specific orders would be particuarly cool with voice recognition and bots.

However, I am not planning on releasing any more versions of Slave Master, so these will most likely never make it in. If I do ever crack open the code again however, I will keep these in mind.
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Postby mattman on Tue Feb 07, 2006 9:54 pm

It would be nice if a slave could "betray" his master. You could have the alternate fire of the tagging gun tell other masters where your master is located. This way if you become a slave to a master who has everything in there inventory (you obviously won't be earning your freedom), you can at least help other people kill him to get yourself freed. To be fair to the master, this "betrayal" should take away freedom favor points and prevent you from starting with any additional weapons/ammo.

I know you mentioned that you don't plan on developing this mod anymore. Any chance of sharing the source so I could try extending it a bit further? I would love to help in the development of this mod.
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